4 Reasons More Crashes Occur During the Summer

Cars on freeway

Summer is an exciting season full of vacations, road trips, and other fun activities. You may have a long list of things you want to do as a family. 

During your preparations, remember to include road safety. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the summer months experience the most fatalities from motor vehicle accidents.

These are four reasons that explain why.

1. Tourists

From its sandy beaches to numerous theme parks, Southern California is a popular place to visit year round. However, more people tend to go on vacation during the summer, which means these middle months will see an increase in both local and out-of-state drivers on the roads.

Californians are notorious for speeding, a significant contributor to crashes. Tourists may not know where they are going, relying on a smartphone app or GPS to get around. This distraction and confusion can result in accidents.

2. Teens

Although teens drive all year, most of it is just to and from school in the mornings and afternoons. With school out, more teens will be on the road at all times of the day. Teenagers are more prone to distraction and speeding and lack experience in general. The more teen passengers are in the vehicle, the more likely there will be an accident, reports the CDC.

3. Heat

The area may be known for its beautiful weather, but summer temperatures can climb up to the 90s, especially near the end of the season. The heat and sunlight can also lead to car accidents in the following ways:

  • Vehicles overheating
  • Drivers feeling fatigued
  • Tires blowing out
  • Glares blinding drivers

4. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is always a risk factor and even more so in the summer when people are partying more and drinking to beat the heat. Rates increase on holidays such as the Fourth of July, which had the highest number of traffic-related deaths from 2013 to 2017, reveals the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Avoid driving at night to reduce your accident risk.

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