Was Truck Driver Fatigue Involved In The Accident?

The trucking industry functions in such a way that truck drivers are required to work long hours and are even pushed to the point of violating federal regulations meant to prevent truck driver fatigue.

When operators of large commercial vehicles are sleepy behind the wheel, people's lives are put at risk.

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Federal Hours-Of-Service Rules For Truck Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the government agency that establishes safety regulations for the trucking and busing industries.

To help prevent truck driver fatigue, FMCSA rules require truck drivers to log their hours of service using Electronic Logging Devices — or ELDs. Information gleaned from an ELD can be useful in a legal claim for compensation after a truck accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can investigate the crash and determine whether the truck driver was in compliance.

Federal rules also limit the number of hours truck drivers can operate their vehicles and be on the job. Currently, there is an 11-hour driving limit for truck drivers, and operators are allowed to reach that maximum only after 10 consecutive hours off duty.

Additionally, a truck driver's duties are not limited solely to driving, and a truck operator may not drive after the 14th consecutive hour on duty.

All of these regulations are in place largely to prevent truck driver fatigue, which is an ongoing safety concern on California highways.

For more on legal issues related to truck accidents in California, please see our truck accident FAQ.

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